Christmas survival post

If you believe there is one send a prayer for those babies lost too soon 


Christmas survival post

​"The Sun Is Rising" When life has cut too deep and left you hurtingThe future you had hoped for is now burningAnd the dreams you held so tight lost their meaningAnd you don't know if you'll ever find the healingYou're gonna make itYou're gonna make itAnd the night can only last for so longWhatever you're … Continue reading Christmas survival post

Christmas survival post


Christmas survival post

Christmas survival post

Christmas survival post

Christmas survival post

Christmas survival post

Christmas survival post 1.00 am

Christmas post 12.00 am

I hope these help? It has been therapeutic picking them. Love always, Surviving Miscarriage Together x

Christmas survival posts

I will be posting hourly for anyone who needs the support. Feel free to get in contact at this difficult time of year. We are with you. Surviving Miscarriage Together.

Christmas wish

The baby isles: Avoiding things after miscarriage.

I am apparently a glutton for self punishment. I didn't used to think I was, but time is proving otherwise.  I found, and still find, that it can be all to easy to fall into unhealthy habbits when you're at your lowest. Picking at the wound so that it doesn't heal is one way of … Continue reading The baby isles: Avoiding things after miscarriage.

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Saying goodbye 

I cannot put into words how much this charity's website and reasouces have helped me. The site itself, the quotes on the pinterest page, the leaflets, all of it.  To go to the site click the link here. For the Facebook link click here I hope it helps you too. Love and support always,  Surviving Miscarriage Together … Continue reading Saying goodbye 

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Playlist Surviving Miscarriage Together

Updated playlist  I find music very comforting, and a valuable emotional release. I find it easier to cope with music. Here are some songs I have found that I found really helpful during and after my miscarriage. * means the song contains religious content, so you can avoid it if this is an issue for … Continue reading Playlist Surviving Miscarriage Together

Lights of Love Tree Many thanks to the miscarriage association for including our submission.