Help Adam go to school!


This is not my usual post but I was contacted by Adams mother to ask if I would sponsor him. She was reluctant to ask and after many photos sent and quite a bit of miss trust on my side it was established that she was in fact genuine (and that I am suspicious as all hell!)

You can donate here.

Vacinations in Indonesia cost €100 which living in England with our free health care was a shock to me, I am guessing for those of you who are from America it is pretty expected. His mum is a genuinely lovely lady trying to do the best for her son, she earns €5-10 a day selling second hand clothes, which is mental when you think about it in perspective to how much raising a child costs. He also needs to go to preeschool and get food nappies etc… You can find her on Instagram @fleamarket.jakarta

I can’t afford to sponsor Adam but I promised to help as much as I could, I helped Ayu (Adams Mum) set up the go fund me account and helped with wording and grammar, and I am trying to share their campaign in the hope that Adam can get his vaccinations for MMR and go to preeschool safely.

Please share this if you can, even if you can only give 50p it goes a long way in Indonesia.

Thank you in advance.

Zoe x

You can donate here.

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