22 letters to you, day 10. Hello my love

10.03.18 Hello my love, Today I slept a lot, and by a lot I mean today practically didn't exist I slept so long, but I feel better for it. I often don't sleep well, and sometimes my noisy brain keeps me awake at night. I miss you in times like those where my body aches … Continue reading 22 letters to you, day 10. Hello my love

To which camp do I belong? 

So where do I fit? I don't really fit with the infirtility crowd that I mix with in this crazy club that is the baby loss community. My inability to have kids is not an inability to or a difficuly in achieveing pregnancy (although the success of such a venture is there to be debated... … Continue reading To which camp do I belong? 

Limbo land

Warning this is a long mildly ranty post. Sorry x Some days I'm alright. Other days it feels like I died too, they just forgot to bury me. Or else I'm stuck in limbo land, it feels like I'm not really here, I'm not myself I'm just this other. I'm waiting for something, anything to … Continue reading Limbo land